A leading tech & lifestyle distributor in the Middle East

Shift Happens...
While you scroll

Our Vision

The business of making people happy.
We travel the world searching for treasures… 
Gadget companions that can set you apart from the masses.
We look for inspiration and hope to inspire.
Reinventing ourselves is not an option,
it is a must as we strive to stay on top of an ever-changing and fast-paced industry.
Our values are dedication, honesty & respect.
We are humble and grateful. We work hard and play harder.
We build real & meaningful relationships because alone we can do very little
and together we can do so much!
We can’t wait to see what’s next.
Stay with us while evolution happens… while #shifthappens!
So go ahead… unbox it… be happy 😉
shift Team

Our Initiatives

Creating a well defined arena for the tech and lifestyle accessories industry, the Shift Show offers top international brands the ability to network, showcase their curated collections and create awareness.
The shift Magazine is our contribution to our electronics | lifestyle | play communities in the Middle East showcasing the latest innovations in the industry
In loving memory of our brother and team member Houssam, we launched the Houssam Kabalan Fund,  a fund dedicated to helping people in need -  continuing Houssam’s legacy of care and compassion

Our Brands

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